Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three reasons why the movie version of The Giver is better than the book

The book The Giver by Lois Lowry and the film adaptation are very similar. But, one of them has to be better than the other. They aren’t exact copies of each other, so there have to be some differences that make one better than the other. The three reasons that the movie is better than the book is more of a variety of characters, more action, and more of a defined ending.
The first main reason that the movie is better than the book is that there are more characters involved in the movie. For example, in the book, all the Chief Elder does is do the announcing at the Ceremony of Twelves, but in the movie, she plays more of an important role, as she actually seems to be more of a villain than a character invented only for the Ceremony. Another example of this would be Fiona, who, in the book, just plays a background role, with no main parts in the book. In the movie, however, she plays more of an important role, being the person that helps Jonas escape the Community with the newchild, Gabriel, before his release. One last example of this is Asher, who, in the book, did nothing in the book except help explain the “precision of speech” rule. In the movie, instead of just serving as an example, there is an “Asher vs. Jonas” conflict, making the whole story a bit more interesting. Asher also finds Jonas when he’s trying to escape the Community and tries to “dispose” of Jonas.
Another reason why the book isn’t as good as the movie is that the movie is more exciting. In the book, the first twenty or so chapters are spent in the exposition, and then the other seven or so are rising action and falling action, and there still isn’t that much action in those seven chapters. In the movie, however, the inciting incident occurs about halfway through the story, which causes more interesting scenes and more chances for action. Also, in the movie, the action is seen, and not read, which causes the same scene to be more interesting in the movie form than in the book form.
My final reason that the movie is better than the book is the endings. In the book, it ends with the climax, which is Jonas sledding down a hill and hearing some music and seeing a house. In the movie, however, the ending is Jonas reaching the Boundary of memory, something that doesn’t even exist in the book, and all of the memories returning to the people in the Community, as well as color and a few other things. This ending is better because it tells us what happened back in the Community, and doesn’t just leave people wondering what happened in the Community after Jonas escaped.

Now, you know why the movie version of The Giver is so much better than the book. From a better ending to more developed characters, the movie version surpasses the book in many ways.

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